How to Think about Technology and Culture

Christina Behme reviews Human-Built World by Thomas P. Hughes, in MetaPsychology:

Thomas P. Hughes’ goal is to help his readers to understand a phenomenon that is “messy and complex” (p.1) and therefore difficult to define: technology. According to Hughes technology has become an integral part of human life and deeply impacts all levels of economy, culture, science, the arts, and daily life. This fact requires first and foremost a better knowledge of the possibilities and dangers of technology. The public needs ‘technological literacy’ to participate effectively in project design and technology policy (p.170). Hughes sees his book as a means to create or improve this technological literacy…

…much more than education is needed to change cultural values and ensure a more responsible approach to technological megaprojects. Nevertheless, it is my hope that books like “Human-Built World” will contribute to such a change.

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