duran . . . duran


What makes me remember Roberto Duran? They called him “Manos de Piedra” (hands of stone) because legend has it that at fifteen he knocked a mule out with his fist. Why is another question. That legend was surpassed by another during his last fight with Sugar Ray Leonard, when he turned away from the fight saying, “¡No más!” and got labelled as a quitter. But anyone who ever saw Duran fight knows otherwise. What didn’t get wide attention was that he had stomach problems that caused him such distress that he had to quit. I loved Roberto Duran and I hated Roberto Duran. I was always torn in those fights he had with Sugar Ray Leonard and Thomas Hearns, just like I was torn between Hearns and Sugar Ray. Duran had a face like an axe, a sharp axe. Around this face he grew a bristly, black beard and moustache that made him seem even more dangerous.

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