The Future of Science: A Conversation with Alan Lightman

Sara Goudarzi in

0602_alan_lightman_01Physicist, novelist, and science writer Alan Lightman, author of the famed “Einstein’s Dreams” and the recently released “The Discoveries: Great Breakthroughs in 20th-century Science” (Knopf Canada, 2005), discusses in an interview his thoughts on the next great scientific discoveries, the controversial state of science, the marriage of art and science, and the different approaches of examining the world around us.

LS: If you could have discovered one of the great discoveries you name in your book, which would you pick?

Special relativity.

Screenhunter_2_1 LS: Why?

Because I think that there is nothing more fundamental in human existence than time. I think we begin having experience with time before we’re born, in the womb. It’s fundamental. It’s primary, and to re-conceive the nature of time seems to me an exquisite experience.

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