Bloggers at the Gate

Ari Melber in The Nation:

By now, most people are weary of hearing how blogs are changing American politics. The search engine Technorati estimates 70,000 new blogs are created every day, but most are obscure and will remain so forever. Only a few bloggers have the audience and credibility to effectively break stories, pressure the traditional media, incubate new ideas or raise real money. These influential bloggers are usually sharp, opinionated and focused on the world “offline.” They refuse to view events through the solipsistic blinders of their own websites.

Jerome Armstrong and Markos Moulitsas Zúniga, the founding writers of MyDD and Daily Kos, are two such influential bloggers. They’ve written a provocative new book that offers a perceptive analysis of progressive politics and proposes to revolutionize the Democratic Party through a “bloodless coup.”

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