Tart imitating life

Christopher Buckley reviews Dog Days by Ann Marie Cox (of Wonkette fame), in the New York Times:

Cox184Ana Marie Cox burst onto the scene in 2004 when her political blog, Wonkette (“Politics for People With Dirty Minds”), identified Jessica Cutler as the Capitol Hill staffer who was detailing her lurid sexual escapades on a blog called Washingtonienne. Cutler herself has now written a novel about her affairs with various D.C. Mr. Bigs. It goes without saying that a TV series is said to be in the works. What hath Candace Bushnell wrought?

In “Dog Days,” Cox’s brisk, smart, smutty, knowing and very well-written first novel, the 28-year-old protagonist Melanie Thorton, a Democratic presidential campaign staffer, diverts media attention from her candidate’s political troubles – and her own romantic ones – by creating a fictitious blog supposedly written by a local libertine calling herself Capitolette. (Yes, rhymes with toilette.)

Thus we have a case of tart imitating life.

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