Logic is being kicked around like an old shoe

Jim Culleny at NoUtopia:

You’d think that, having been attacked on 9/11 by religious fundamentalists, Americans would be hip to the idea that religious fundamentalism might be something to avoid. But this would be logical, and there’s the rub. In our time logic is being kicked around like an old shoe.

In Dover Pennsylvania there’s a struggle going on between two factions questioning the primacy of science over religion. This is important. This is not reality-tv. A Pa. court is considering equating Christian Scripture with scientific fact. The outcome will shed light on our current attitude about the place of reasoned argument in society. Will it be another brick in the road to the U.S. becoming a shamanistic nation; or will it pull us back from that brink and certify that we’re still fans of a scientific method which requires strict verification of facts?

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