3 Quarks Daily’s Best Original Essays of 2005

Dear Readers,

Okay, this is our last list for a while. Promise. As regular readers of 3QD know, in April of 2005 we started featuring original writing by our editors and guest columnists on Mondays (as opposed to links to articles elsewhere, which is what we do the rest of the week). This has turned out to be a popular idea, and we now get more traffic on Mondays than any other day of the week. In a somewhat immodest mood, and in an attempt to honor all our very talented writers, Robin and I have decided to pick the best of the Monday columns from each author this year. To avoid further charges of immodesty (or false modesty!), I have chosen one of Robin’s columns, and he has chosen one of mine. Without further ado then, here they are, in alphabetical order by last name of the author (link to essay follows picture):


1.  Real Sweat Shops, Virtual Gold, by Descha Daemgen


2.  Down the Rabbit Hole, by Timothy Don


3.  Bathroom Pastoralism, or, The Anecdote of the Can, by Tom Jacobs


4.  Bite Your Tongue, Movies Turn Dumb, by Jaffer Kolb


5.  Summer Lyrics, by Morgan Meis


6.  Gangbanging and Notions of the Self, by Husain Naqvi


7.  Benjamin Britten, by Peter Nicholson


8.  Rage, by Jedediah Palmer


9.  Betting on Uncertainty, by Abhay Parekh


10. The War on Cancer, by Azra Raza


11. Stevinus, Galileo, and Thought Experiments, by S. Abbas Raza


12. Optimism of the Will, by S. Asad Raza


13. Through a Pixelated Eye, by Sughra Raza


14. Early Modern Primitives, by Justin E. H. Smith


15. The Life and Times of Fridtjof Nansen, by Ker Than


16. George Orwell Hated Torture and Lies, Mr. Hitchens, by J. M. Tyree


17. Bandung and the Birth of the Third World, by Robin Varghese

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