Security Council Report

The website of the new NGO Security Council Report, which as the name suggests wil help monitor the UN Security Council, has gone online. 

Security Council Report will publish, on a regular monthly basis, independent and objective information and analysis about the United Nations Security Council and the issues on its existing and future agendas. . .

Our regular Monthly Forecast Report will be supplemented by Update Reports as needed and by occasional in-depth Research Studies. We also intend, on our website, to maintain a progressively expanding archive of:

•  Information about the Security Council
•  Details of how the Council works—its processes and procedures
•  The full range of issues regarding the Council’s current and likely future agenda

Our focus is to provide practical and helpful information and analysis for practitioners—such as delegates at Missions in New York, officials in capitals considering policy issues and instructions and UN Secretariat staff at headquarters, agencies or in the field. But our publications will also be prepared with the NGO community in mind, as well as the media, the academic community and the general public.