How to reinvent higher education

From Slate:

What should students be studying in college? No one seems to agree anymore. Harvard University is in the midst of a heated debate about its general education requirements, while the Association of American Colleges and Universities has launched a campaign to promote “a liberal education.” Slate has taken the occasion to ask an array of prominent academics to tackle the question at the heart of the debate: What should undergraduates leave college knowing? Stanley N. Katz provides an overview of the liberal arts debate here. And here are the links to the responses of the 11 academics:

Alan Wolfe: “When Ideas Kill
Mark Lilla: “Un-American Activities
K. Anthony Appiah: “Learn Statistics! Go Abroad
Andrew Delbanco: “In Praise of Great Books
Alison Gopnik:  “Let Them Solve Problems
Steven Pinker: “The Matrix, Revisited
Michael Bérubé: “Disabilities Studies
Anthony Grafton: “Wrestling with Greco-Roman Ideas
S. Georgia Nugent: “Morality-Based Learning
W. Robert Connor: “Give Majors an Overhaul
Astrida Orle Tantillo: “What Professors Don’t Tell You