Hitchen vs. Galloway: The Jungle in the Rumble

From The Guardian (with a link to a video of the event at the bottom of the article, not to be watched while eating or shortly after having eaten):

“What had been billed as ‘the grapple in the Big Apple’ in the end owed more to pugilism than polemics, with jibes, like jabs, missing more often than they landed, and many a blow below the belt.

Hitchens berated Galloway for his ‘sinister piffle’, congratulating him on ‘being 100% consistent in [his] support for thugs and criminals’ and declaring: ‘The man’s search for a Fatherland knows no ends.’ Galloway branded Hitchens a hypocrite and ‘a jester at the court of the Bourbon Bushes’. Describing Hitchens’ journey from the left to the right, Galloway said: ‘What we have witnessed is something unique in natural history. It’s the first metamorphosis of a butterfly back into a slug.’ In the heat of battle the fact that butterflies come from caterpillars did not temper the applause from the audience, roughly two-thirds of whom backed Galloway.

Having both torched the moral high ground, they would both later claim it as their own. At one point Galloway told Hitchens ‘Your nose is growing,’ only to deride his opponent for his ‘cheap demagoguery’. Hitchens scolded the jeering audience for their ‘zoo-like noises’, only to say that Galloway’s ‘vile and cheap guttersnipe abuse is a disgrace’.

In a debate that drew as much from the culture of the playground as the traditions of parliament, no hyperbolic stone was left unturned.”

Or unthrown for that matter.