Bollywood battles Mr. Bean in Afghanistan

From CNN:

LongraiIn the city that spawned Afghanistan’s Taliban, music and TV were crimes punishable by beatings and jail just a few years ago.

Now, India’s Bollywood and its raunchy song and dance numbers and wet saris compete with Mr Bean and women’s wrestling in the Sadat music and film market, a chaotic cacophony of sound where it’s always night inside and it’s always packed.

“I like Mr Bean, he is very funny,” says 12-year-old Mohammed Rahim, from behind the counter of his father’s Ariana VCD Center.

“I watch him all the time.”

Ariana is one of the dozen or so shops in the market. Rahim says he sells 50 VCDs of British comedian Rowan Atkinson’s famously bumbling Mr Bean every week.

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