The Kastner Case

Kastner_young Israel kastner is one of the most controversial figures in the Israeli historic perspective of World War II. Some look at him as an angel and a savior. Some think he sold his soul to the devil. Though he was cleared by court from the latter accusations he was assassinated by those who did not forgive him.

“Israel Kastner gave letters of exoneration to four Nazi officers in 1946, during the Nuremberg trials, journalist Dan Margalit said yesterday at a public debate marking the 50th anniversary of the Kastner trial.The debate was held as part of the 14th World Congress for Jewish Studies at the Hebrew University on Mount Scopus.

…Dr. Israel Kastner, one of the leaders of the Jewish community of Hungary, negotiated with the Nazi regime in Budapest, including Adolph Eichmann, to save 1,684 Hungarian Jews who had been sent to Auschwitz in World War II.”

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