les arts de la rue

Theatrederue “The French – who, with their grands projets, have so long been focused on trophy buildings – have noted that “sociability” and “liveability” are now the key criteria for urban design and have gone off in a new direction: towards the development of live, participatory events as ways of adding value to a place. Formal cultural festivals have been booming in France for years, but the new craze is for “les arts de la rue”…

These events that bring together street-level theatre, circus, music and dance, have spawned now well-known acts such as Royale Luxe, Iltopie and Generik Vapeur. And now these festivals are gaining mainstream acceptance. Eyebrows were raised this summer when the French minister of culture, Jean-Jacques Aillagon, usually the epitome of high culture, attended the Chalon event for the first time. Now, a professional association for street arts has been formed to represent the artists and producers, and festival organisers. “

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Label Rue festival will take place in Ganges, France in September, and will bring together artists performers and city officials to combine street performances with serious debate .