BIOCOMPUTATION: A Conversation with J. Craig Venter, Ray Kurzweil, Rodney Brooks


Brooks200Kurz200_1Venter200One aspect of our culture that is no longer  open to question is that the most significant developments in the sciences today (i.e. those that affect the lives of everybody on the planet) are about, informed by, or implemented through advances in software and computation. In no other field is this as evident as in the biology and, in this regard, each of the panelists in this Edge conversation exemplifies this new trend.

For examples, just as this edition of Edge goes to “press”, today’s The Wall Street Journal ran a front page story on Craig Venter’s goal of creating life itself. Venter is one of leading scientists of the 21st century for his visionary contributions in genomic research. He is advancing the science of genomics and in applying genomic advances to some of the world’s most vexing public health and environmental challenges. Major research foci include human genomic medicine, environmental and evolutionary genomics (which includes the Venter Institute Global Sampling Mission), biological energy production, synthetic biology, and the intersection between genomics and environmental and energy policy.

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