Three terms that would make any innovation enthusiast drool: Mesh networks, open source and music, all combined into one with Roadcasting, a project by   Carnegie-Mellon alumni which is a collaborative and mobile system that allows anyone to have a radio station and broadcast while on the move, specifically in cars. The system is still a  prototype.

“The Quicktime-formatted promotional video for the roadcasting project begins with a black screen that quickly dissolves into a still black-and-white image of a driver sitting behind the steering wheel, wearing a look of frustration and boredom. The narration begins: “Everyone has experienced the headaches of FM radio. There’s the endless commercials, the same old songs over and over again, and the difficulty of finding something that you want to hear. Welcome to the next generation of radio: roadcasting.”

The terrestrial radio industry is already fighting a multi-front battle with the ascendant satellite radio business and nascent podcasting community. Now it has another technological innovation to worry about: roadcasting.”

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