Rent a German!

20050302181754tea_couple1 It’s a real site, sort of, I think.  Here’s how they explain themselves. “ offers a wide range of Germans for your personal and social needs. You can select the German of your choice for an exclusive lifetime experience: Imagine to appear with your German at parties, family events, or just hang out with them at the local shopping center.”

And you can read various customer reviews like these:

Leila R., 36 (Rio de Janeiro):
“I will never forget, when I went to the beach with the German.
My friends had a good time, eating chicken with him under the sun of Ipanema beach.
Next time, I will buy him a new swimming trouser.”

Adam G., 48 (San Francisco):
“It was awesome! Having a German at the office for a week was a huge success! Since then, my relationship with my co-workers has improved big time! I’ll definitely do it again- It was, like, “oh my god, this is so it!”