More Creationism vs. Evolution debates

Via Sci Tech Daily, a preview of a debate on evolution vs. creation in 6 days .  .  . with some, er, interesting arguments for the latter.

“Evidence for the Creator God of the Bible

1. Natural law

The Laws of Thermodynamics are the most fundamental laws of the physical sciences.

  • 1st Law: The total amount of mass-energy in the universe is constant.
  • 2nd Law: The amount of energy available for work is running out, or entropy is increasing to a maximum.

This means the universe cannot have existed forever, otherwise it would already have exhausted all usable energy. The 2nd Law implies that no natural process can increase the total available energy of (i.e. ‘wind up’) the universe. So it must have been ‘wound up’; (high available energy) by a Creator ‘outside’ (and greater than) the universe.

. . .

3. Biological changes

Observed changes in living things head in the wrong direction to support evolution from microbe to man (macro-evolution).

Textbook examples of adaptation by natural selection (first described by the creationist Edward Blyth, pre-Darwin) always involve loss of genetic information. Mosquitoes may adapt to a DDT-containing environment by becoming resistant, because some already have the genes for DDT resistance. But overall the population loses genetic information (any genes not present in the resistant ones are eradicated from the population, since the non-resistant mosquitoes killed by DDT cannot pass on genes).”