Connections between various extremities of the right-wing

Funny post by J.M. Tyree at the Old Town Review Chronicles:

I’m looking for an artist to help me draw up a flowchart of connections between various extremities of the right-wing. Interested parties, email me. Here are a few initial notes, starting from the rather arbitrary point of recent interest, Paul Sperry:

Paul Sperry wrote Infiltration, a book claiming that Muslim extremists have penetrated Washington, including the FBI and possibly the White House. Sperry was interviewed by Jamie Glazov for FrontPage magazine. FrontPage is run by David Horowitz, the “radical son” turned rabid neocon. Horowitz is behind Discover the Network, which purports to draw connections between “the left” and terrorism, running the gamut from Zarqawi to Streisand. Discover the Network hosts a weblog called Moonbat Central which publishes the work of Steven Plaut, a virulent ultra-Zionist hate-speech specialist. Plaut’s work at Moonbat is published under the extremely ill-disguised name “Plaut’s Complaint.” According to David Neuman in Tikkun (July, 2004, “The Threat to Academic Freedom in Israel-Palestine”), Plaut has disseminated vicious slurs against opponents in extremist Kahanist sites. Kahanism is so extreme that the State of Israel has outlawed groups espousing Kahane’s ideology” (Wikipedia).

Back to Sperry and the Infiltration thesis. Daniel Pipes has praised the book highly. Pipes created, along with Martin Kramer, the organization Campus Watch. Campus Watch has become notorious as a file-keeper on liberal and left-leaning tendencies in Middle Eastern Studies, urging students to spy on their teachers by using this “Keep Us Informed” Form. The Middle East Forum, which created Campus Watch, is the organ of Pipes, who maintains that the Japanese internment camps might have lessons for dealing with Islam…

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