Connecting In Chaos: Joi Ito Interview

R. U. Sirius interviews Joi Ito in Neofiles:

KeynotejoiJoi (Joichi) Ito is one of this planet’s most prodigious and popular networker. A genial Japanese/Canadian/American (born in Japan, moved to Canada, then moved to Michigan at the age of 4), Ito is a living representative of the notion of hybrid vigor. He worked as a DJ in Chicago, and worked with Sean Penn on the film Indian Runner. In the early ’90s, he collaborated with Timothy Leary, Mondo 2000 and others to bring the cyberpunk and rave memes to Japan.

Since the early ’90s, Ito has had his hand in so many digital technology and culture projects that we could fill a page discussing them.

More here.  [via Joi Ito’s Web.]