Einstein and the Hotness of Women Physicists

Sean Carrol at Preposterous Universe:

Alan Boyle has written an enjoyable overview of what Einstein accomplished, and what it means for us today, over at MSNBC. By “enjoyable” I mean “quotes me a lot.” At first I couldn’t remember ever actually being interviewed by Alan, but then I remembered the press conference at the AAAS meeting, which I think is where these nuggets of rich wisdom were mined. (It has been suggested that I use this blog as a forum for puffing myself up. And?)

Another fun article by Alan is on Einstein’s successors, specifically that an increasing number of them are women. Anecdotal evidence and individual stories don’t prove anything, of course, but it’s nice to see talented people overcoming the obstacles that are strewn in their way.

At the risk of compromising my feminist credentials (“pretty sound” — Bitch Ph.D.), I can’t help but note an interesting fact. Namely, that while the percentage of physicists who are female is quite small, the percentage of attractive physicists who are female is very large. That is, the average hotness of female physicists is much (much) higher than that of their male counterparts…

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