3QD Reader Survey Results

The results of our reader survey (139 people responded) show roughly that:

  • Most people want us to put up as many interesting items as we can find on a given day, but a significant minority wants only 1-5 posts at most.
  • A great majority of people prefer the posts to be more than a sentence or two, but less than a screenful.
  • Most people seem to like the pictures in the posts.
  • Many people would like more original commentary from us, though about a quarter of respondents want the site to stay the same.
  • Most people like the Monday column, but only a small number would like to see more such features.

In addition, a significant number of people left very helpful suggestions and comments, of which my personal favorite was:

  • I love you and would like your hand(s) in marriage.

Many thanks to all of you for taking the time to tell us what you want, and for all the encouragement. We are always suckers for flattery.

For more detailed results, all the comments, and the exact numbers, click here.