Analyzing the twisted marriage of celebrities and fans

Anhoni Patel reviews Starstruck: When a Fan Gets Close to Fame by Michael Joseph Gross, in the San Francisco Chronicle:

“Starstruck” analyzes the dysfunctional relationship between celebrity and fan. He interviews über-devotees and parties with the rich and famous and strives to provide insight into both worlds. The book covers several topics: the business of celebrity, the subculture of zealous fans, entertainment journalism and interpersonal connections made with luminaries. The two strongest chapters are those in which Gross profiles both Michael Jackson’s and Dolly Parton’s followers and makes a trip to the Sundance Film Festival.

There are tremendously engaging stories, such as that of Diana D’Alo, whose loyalty to the king of pop was unwavering, regardless of the fact that he was being arraigned on child molestation charges at the time she was being interviewed…

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