The UQQAL and the JUHHAL

Daniel Engber explains who the Druzes are, at Slate:

You can’t convert to being Druze, and you’re not supposed to convert to another religion if you’re born a Druze. Details about the religion are kept very secret—even from most Druzes. Only certain members of the community (maybe 10 or 20 percent) have access to the weekly religious meetings and are allowed to read sacred Druze writings—these people are called uqqal, the wise (as opposed to juhhal, the ignorant). Political and military leaders of the Druzes tend to be drawn from the juhhal; they can be distinguished from the uqqal by the latter’s distinctive dark clothes and white hats. Druzes who wish to become uqqal must undergo a lengthy application process; women are considered especially suitable for initiation. Something like one in 50 initiates attains elevated status and gains a special say in religious and cultural matters; these individuals are called ajaweed.

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