On the Anniversary of the Madrid Bombings, the Islamic Commission of Spain issues a fatwa against bin Laden

CNN reports:

“Muslim clerics in Spain issued what they called the world’s first fatwa, or Islamic edict, against Osama bin Laden on Thursday, the first anniversary of the Madrid train bombings, calling him an apostate and urging others of their faith to denounce the al Qaeda leader.

The ruling was issued by the Islamic Commission of Spain, the main body representing the country’s 1 million-member Muslim community. The commission represents 200 or so mostly Sunni mosques, or about 70 percent of all mosques in Spain.

. . .

Asked if the edict meant Muslims had to help police try to arrest the world’s most wanted man — who is believed to be hiding along the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan — Escudero said: ‘We don’t get involved in police affairs but we do feel that all Muslims are obliged to … keep anyone from doing unjustified damage to other people.'”