Clinton Library Design

Alan G. Brake in Architecture Magazine:

ClintoncenterIt took no time for pundits to joke about the cantilevered form of the William Jefferson Clinton Presidential Center. Its namesake, while universally acknowledged for his intelligence, charisma, and broad appeal, has always been prone to potshots. But politics and personality aside, the Clinton Center is a major work of American architecture that fuses building, landscape, program, and site into a dynamic urban composition…

An exoskeleton of V-shaped trusses connects the sleekly modern museum to the formal vocabulary of the bridge. The downtown-facing side of the building is clad entirely in glass, allowing unbroken views of city, park, and river. A fritted-glass brise soleil protects this side of the building from the elements. The 420-foot-long building cantilevers 90 feet over the sloping landscape, echoing the adjacent bridge and, to an extent, the highways, while dramatizing the views out and leaving the riverbank untouched.

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