An essentially uncurated, unselected, themeless, meaningless show at MoMA

Jed Perl writes about two art exhibits in The New Republic:

If the Brooke Alexander show is pure modern magic, the UBS show [at MoMA] is no-magic, an exercise in corporate art-think that sends out very depressing messages about where the Museum of Modern Art is headed. Going through The UBS Art Collection, which features some 40 works that are a promised gift to the museum, I felt as if I were visiting the preview for a high-end auction of recent art. It’s nothing but a gathering of the usual suspects: Guston, de Kooning, Ruscha, Judd, Close, Kiefer, Stella, Rothenberg, Sherman, and Struth. I admired certain things. But there was no curatorial mind at work; there was no process of selection, no sensibility involved. So why is the Modern, only months after reopening, mounting this essentially uncurated, unselected, themeless, meaningless show?

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