The Y Files

0006331bc855119a885583414b7f0000_1 “Ever since he picked up and inspected a random piece of DNA in 1979 as a young researcher and later learned that the glob contained a piece of the Y chromosome, Page has devoted much of his working life to the study of the genetic package that confers maleness. The very idea of investigating the Y chromosome offends those feminists who believe that it serves as nothing more than a subterfuge to promulgate an inherent male bias in biology. And, in Page’s view, some reputable scientists have even pandered to these sentiments by writing books and papers that predict the extinction of men–or the Y’s disappearance…

Bemused and unrehabilitated, Page can point to a long list of scientific papers with his name on them that demonstrate that the Y is an infinitely richer and more complex segment of the genome than ever imagined and one that does not fit neatly into the prejudices of gender-based interpretations of science.”

More here by Gary Stix in Scientific American.