Muschamp: Andy Warhol as Norman Bates

In case you didn’t know, Herbert Muschamp has given up as chief architecture critic for the NYT and is now writing a sort of cultural analysis called “Society” in the Style section. The latest of these is this article on Andy Warhol, which coincides with the release of a collection of his Interview magazine. The piece reveals some prurient details from Muschamp’s sleepovers at the Warhol home:

‘Sometimes I would hear him cry out for his mother in the middle of the night: ”Ma! Ma!” Minutes later, with a rustle of skirt, a shadowy presence would darken the doorway — cue Bernard Hermann — an apparition somewhat resembling a cross between Old Mother Hubbard and Mrs. Bates. An antiphonal exchange would ensue, a call-and-response duet that hinted at dark, primitive histories of tribal uprootedness and separation.
”Andy. . . . Andy. . . . ”
”Ma! Ma!”
”Andy. . . . ”
Some might call this the primal interview.’