Time can be turned back

It’s nice to know that there is still a Pravda newspaper, even if nowdays the Russian truth-machine reads more like Fortean Times than “workers of the world unite.” David Gassaway forwarded me this madness about putative Russian time-travel experiments:

“In August 2001, a new model of the time machine meant for a human was set in a remote forest in Russia’s Volgograd Region. When the machine even operated on car batteries and had low capacity, it still managed to change the time by three per cent; the change was registered with symmetrical crystal oscillators.”

Read the whole article, “Time Can Be Turned Back,” published in Pravda’s science section, here. The top science story on Pravda’s website is currently “UFO Clouds Abduct Humans.” The header reads: “Probably, the phenomenon of mysterious ‘reasonable’ clouds represents an independent form of life.” Probably not. And it is worth noting that, strictly speaking, Pravda isn’t even Pravda anymore.