Representing the Nazis

3103 “The first German film to feature an actor playing the Führer opened [last] week. But by depicting him as a complex character, does it diminish the evil that he did? Or is Germany finally coming to terms with its past? The acclaimed Hitler biographer Ian Kershaw offers his verdict.”

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And in a related article:

“A spectacular exhibition of contemporary art opened in Berlin yesterday, amid a picket by Jewish protesters, with its billionaire owner accused of exploiting art to redeem his family’s Nazi past.

Christian Friedrich Flick, who inherited part of his grandfather’s fortune, originally built on wartime slave labour in explosives factories, told journalists yesterday: “I neither want to whitewash the family name, nor can art or the collecting of art compensate for my grandfather’s war crimes – but please at least view these works of art separate from politics or my family’s history.” Full text here and here.

For more images from the Flick collection, click here. [Once inside the museum web site, click on ‘Ausstellungen’ to navigate in English.] Kipp23x200