Hitchens Alert (yellow)

I just finished watching Texas: America Supersized on TV, which, “is a one-hour documentary written and narrated by the British-born journalist Christopher Hitchens that asks: ‘With a Texan in the White House, are Texan values taking over America?’ Hitchens is always a surprising figure, contrarian and insanely prolific, a left-wing hawk with a wide-ranging mind the size of, well, Texas. He’s also a dapper chap who appears to enjoy the limelight as he drives around the state, buying elephant-leather cowboy boots or riding in a border patrol vessel along the Mexican border, his lank locks flowing behind him in the wind.”

Yes, its true. Hitch’s vanity is on full display here: there are shots of him as the Marlboro Man cowboy, as a Miami Vice detective speeding along the Rio Grande in a border patrol motorboat, as a serious intellectual peering through reading glasses at Larry McMurtry’s collection of books, as a party-boy in a bar. It’s as if he’s modelling various outfits for us. Reminded me of Martin Amis and his teeth.

The show itself keeps posing profound sounding questions like the one in the quote above, and then never answers or even seriously addresses them. In short, it’s terrible and boring, but if you want to see it, it’s on again tomorrow night at midnight on TRIO. Here’s the review at Slate that the quote above is taken from.