Essay on Christopher Hitchens

Those of you unfamiliar with the editors of 3 quarks daily will, if you keep coming here, soon discover that we suffer from a collective neurosis: obsession with Christopher Hitchens. I was infected as a young man almost two decades ago through his writings in Harper’s magazine, and a couple of years of therapy as well as Hitchens’s much-commented-upon turn to the Right after 9/11 have failed to cure me. I still look at all his new writing, and despite disagreeing with much of his current politics, find him consistently compelling, vigorous, and pleasurable to read. There is a thoughtful essay on Hitchens’s post 9/11 incarnation by Steven M. Levine and, our very own, Morgan Meis at The Old Town Review. Click on “more Politics” on the lower right of the page and then scroll down to “Young Contrarians Respond”.

Besides this essay, there is a lode of refreshingly good original writing on politics and culture to be found at The Old Town Review, so look around while you are there.

Oh, and here, for the record, is Hitchens’s own website.