On the Wisdom of Roald Dahl, and Other Nordic Monsters

by Mara Jebsen “Its disgusterous!”the BFG gurgled. “It's sickable. It's rotsome! It's maggotwise! Try it yourself, this foulsome snozzcumber!” 'No thank you' Sophie said, backing away.—Roald Dahl Readers of contemporary fiction might do well, from time to time, to dip back through the bookshelves of their childhoods to see what un-boring and un-foolish stuff is…

Oil and Plume: On Habitat

Two summers ago, when there was the big oil spill, the images of birds showed up first on the internet and newspapers, and then increasingly in my head unbidden, and in the dreams of my friends, and my own. What a terrible thing–birds like zombies risen from death to make us pay for sins. Can’t live, can’t fly. To me, the birds all looked like herons, because herons already look like a thing returned from the otherworld to give us one last chance to repent.